Trinity College Dublin:

  • ECU11032: Introduction to Economic Policy (1st-year, undergraduate)

    This module aims to provide students with a comprehensive outline of some of the core elements of macroeconomics and their applications. By the end of the module it is hoped that students will be able to read and understand macroeconomic data, as well as use their knowledge of economic theory and policy so as to have a better understanding of how an economy functions.

  • ECU33022: Money and Banking B (3rd-year, undergraduate)

    The module covers contemporary monetary economics and its application to the conduct of monetary policy. As well as reviewing the relevant academic literature, the module deals with the experience of the main central banks, with a particular focus on the European Central Bank. The module first analyses the nature of money and the long-run relation between money and prices and economic activity. It then examines a number of key issues in regard to contemporary monetary policy: monetary policy rules, the role of expectations and the transmission mechanism. For this purpose, the course presents the New Keynesian model which is now widely used for the purpose of analysing monetary policies. The course then looks at the monetary policy strategies of the major central banks as well as the operational frameworks by which they steer interest rates. The module concludes by looking at the conduct of monetary policy during the financial crisis, covering issues such as non-standard measures, the implications of the zero bound on nominal interest rates and the role of monetary policy in contributing to financial stability.

  • ECU8023: Advanced Macroeconomics (PhD)

    An introductory class to modern dynamic macroeconomic theory. We start with mathemetic foundations of dynamic programming and then move to applications and work our way through early applications to lay the groundwork for understanding modern macroeconomic models.

Past Teaching:

    San Francisco State University (Visting Instructor):

    • ECN 830: Advanced Econometric Methods and Applications (Masters)
      • A master's level course in applied microeconometric methods. Students learned applied research methods, studying their use in recent academic literature, and applying them to their own research projects.

    University of California, Davis: Instructor

    • ECN101 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

    University of California, Davis: Teaching Assistant

    • ECN1A/B Principles Micro/Macroeconomics
    • ECN 101 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (three terms)
    • ECN 111 A/B American Economic History (early and late)
    • ECN 130 Public Economics
    • ECN 135 Money, Banks and Financial Institutions (two terms)
    • ECN 171 Economy of East Asia
    • ECN 397 Teaching of Economics (graduate)
    • MGT 202B Business, Government, and the International Economy (two terms)